Our Story

Our story begins like many beautiful stories: with a beautiful friendship.
Two childhood friends, leaving their small Illinois town to discover the world with a pledge to succeed together.
The journey wasn't smooth sailing every day, the homesickness, the distance from our families and finishing some months with barely a few bucks left to sustain us.
We stuck to our mission however.
Today, established between New York and Hong Kong, we manage our own consulting company handling deals between big names in fashion and quality suppliers.
With our experience, we decided to create Fad Patrol.
A unique shop where we take advantage of our relationships to offer items straight out of the factory before being labeled by big brands and in a lot of cases, before they become a fashion icon!
This allows us to sell premium-quality items at ridiculous prices, as well as being able to offer you unique offers and never-before-seen online deals like our 15th free item concept.
Buying on the internet has now become mainstream but we offer new ways to shop while bringing you current trends at a low cost: this is our promise.
This shop is yours, so, sit back, relax and most of all, have fun!

Our community members are our best promoters and we do all this for you guys!


  Your patrollers, Steph & Jules.